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Who is the Lord really?

10:23 AM 9/7/10 · An ongoing sore point for me has been when anyone refers to Jesus as the 'Lord'. It's not I think him undeserving of the title so much as it is that he didn't want any special treatment when he was alive. He seemed to prefer a simple life and no one to treat him any different than anybody else. So being called a Lord would seem to be something he wouldn't be in favor of.

It doesn't happen often but if some random Bible thumper happens upon me and asks if I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I say no and yes.

Always a fun conversation after that!

I've wondered on this and last night I had an epiphany...or just something random pop up just before I started dreaming. Managed to hang onto it until I woke up so here we go.

Did people refer to God, pre·Jesus, as the Lord?

I think they did and this may lend itself to the confusion. Having had numerous chats about this over the years with a host of people, mainly online, I've learned that where Jesus & God are concerned there's a lot of people that hold to 2 different opinions.

Some believe Jesus was the son of God.

Some believe Jesus literally was God made flesh.

There's not a lot of crossover there. Most everyone I've talked to that hold Jesus was not actually God do not see any wiggle room that he might possibly be, ditto vice versa. I come from a more polytheist bend so that even if you allow for the Trinity, Jesus is still not God. He may be A God, enough other children of deities are referred to as Gods at some point or other, but he's definitely not the Big Kahuna.

So, where do you stand on this? Do you think Jesus is God or just the son of? If God was called The Lord before Jesus was born is it possible Jesus is called this by those that believe he literally was God made flesh? Do you think, my 'no special treatment' thought in mind, that Jesus would've wanted to be referred to as Lord if he had a say in the matter?

On a random only vaguely related note, History Channel presented a random notion I'd not heard before a couple days ago. That after Jesus was executed and rose from the dead, he descended into Hell to free all those that had gone before but didn't deserve to be there. Line of thought seems to be in keeping with those that say only through acceptance of Jesus as your savior you are gifted with Heaven, that all those that died before his birth went straight to Hell.

Even Moses.

I've never liked this idea, and still don't, but I'd never heard this particular myth until just recently.

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