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mistaken impressions

10:11 PM 6/10/09 · Caught two religious themed episodes of Law & Order in as many days and the one I'm watching right now has to do with The Rapture.

*cue spooky music*

An email is released from a guy that subscribes to, which probably isn't a real website but feel free to look if you want, that informs this guy his uncle killed his aunt. The uncle panics when he finds out the email went out because he thinks The Rapture has occured. The email was released from the website which is run by 3 people that live in 3 different states. At least 2 of them have to log in once every 2 days or the site assumes The Rapture has occured and sends all the stored emails to whoever they were addressed to...

...the assumption being that if The Rapture has finally happened then all the true believers have been physically taken off the Earth and ascended into Heaven.

I have a couple of problems with this.

My knowledge of The Rapture is remarkably limited. I vaguely skimmed the Left Behind series. There was a really disturbing movie starring Mimi Rogers (think that's her name) way back when. Haven't read a Bible in years, more like decades, but even back when I did whatever part dealing with The Rapture (is it odd I keep capitalizing that?) didn't make much of an impact on me. All I know of it is that the 'true believers' are those that fully accept Jesus into their minds and souls.

Which kind of leaves everybody else on Earth on their own to do...whatever.

The Bible teaches that we are all made in God's image but a lot of people don't believe that's the whole one head and two legs and two arms deal so much as the soul. The whole belief that everyone that is a true believer is going to bodily raise off the ground and ascend seems silly. Seems more likely they'd just die on the spot and their souls would ascend, being what it is Heaven isn't so much of a place for flesh & blood types.

The uncle that had the email on the website confessed in it that he'd murdered his wife. Now he may well be a true believer, so far as this story goes, but he's still a murderer. He was storing her body in a huge freezer in his living room! I've long had a problem with the notion that you can commit horrible crimes (murder for example) but so long as you truly believe, or confess all those crimes before you croak, you've got a get out of jail (Hell) free card. Personally I don't think it works, that it's more likely a propoganda deal put forth by the Church and people still goto Hell because ultimately they have to account to a higher authority than is found on Earth

Of course, that could just be me.

While a much more minor note, the whole deal with the website is a little flawed. Say The Rapture actually does happen. What's the point of sending an email to your loved ones? Seems a little elitist to just assume you're going to ascend but they're going to be stuck on Earth.

By the by, is there really a convention called RaptureCon?
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