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Lucky Bastard!

I'm watching George Carlin: It's Bad for Ya!, which I think was his last performance, and the religious part of this has got me rolling. He's gone the whole circuit from there is no afterlife, to discussing possibilities if it did, to our loved ones watching over us...and so on and so forth.

You should really rent it, this part alone will make it all worth it.

Had to pause it cuz I about died when he went on about God. Says he finds it interesting, when wondering about how much time God actually worked, that the Christians gave God Sunday as a day off. That the Jews gave God Saturdays off and the Muslims gave God Fridays off...

...and, in that way that he has, he looks dead center out from the screen with that semi·sarcastic appeal, and says that God has an eternal 3 day weekend!

Whereupon I had to stop it to type this.
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