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a lot bothers me but let's just stick with these 2

Personally I don't understand the whole concept of suicide bombing at all. Still, at least with the Al·Qeda (however you spell it) version I've a bit of confusion in 2 parts:

1) What's the appeal of this reward? Supposedly they die and in the afterlife they will receive 50 to 100 (number is really not important) virgins. Personally I'd think a large number of highly skilled sluts would be more pleasurable...but what's so great about a flock (bushel?) of virgins?

2) Lots of different faiths in the world but they all pretty much seem to agree that in the afterlife things are not grounded in physicality, nothing is solid. So, you're in the Next and you've got your large number of virgins. What good does that do you if you can't actually touch them and none of you have skin?
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